The purpose of this newsletter

What’s Risk and Reward for?

What’s Risk and Reward for?

When you get down to it, what makes this newsletter different from the million other magazines, twitter feeds and websites on the internet?

God knows there are enough smart writers out there with strong opinions.

But I would say we stand out from them because we have a different slant on the world.

The guiding idea of this newsletters is that we publish useful ideas. Ideas you can act on. Ideas you can profit from.

We don’t just drone on about latest news, like a talk radio station or the opinion pages of the newspaper.

We go one step further by showing you how you can personally benefit from what’s happening in the world. If the ideas really are useful and beneficial, our subscribers stay with us and we make money.

And if we can’t find useful, fresh ideas, we go out of business.

I think Duncan Moreland’s latest research is a great example of all this. The research is about a topic I know you’re sick of hearing about…

It’s about Brexit.

But Duncan’s research isn’t any old waffle about the repeal bill, or Michel Barnier, or infighting in the Cabinet. You can get that stuff on any news website, for free. Nobody’s going to pay good money for that.

Duncan’s research goes one step further, and shows you the opportunityin Brexit. It’s about the thing you need to do. The money you could make.

Duncan’s research shows that Brexit has created a giant opportunity for ordinary Brits.

Provided you opt-in, you can claim thousands in regular payouts. Duncan calls them “Brexit severance cheques”.

The amount of cash on offer here ins’t to be sniffed at, either. Duncan shows that more than £90bn has already been distributed to ordinary citizens.

Click here to see how you can claim  £3,590 or more thanks to Brexit.

So that’s what it’s all about. Our job isn’t to publish information, or opinions.

Our job is to publish opportunities.

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