The French think we’re a laughing stock

This is Brexit Watch brought to you by UK Uncensored.

It’s a new weekly editorial service where we combine the views of Agora Financial UK expert editors with current Brexit news.

The goal is to focus on what Brexit means for you and your money.

The whole shenanigans are dragging on and readers have been writing in asking for our opinion.

I’m sorry we didn’t weigh in sooner.

We’re apolitical.

But we want to answer the questions you care about.

So please, before I begin with Brexit Watch V.1…

I want to encourage you to write in with your questions about Brexit. Simply email us [email protected] we’ll answer your most appropriate questions where we can.

Please note: feedback we receive from you may be published in future issues of UK Uncensored.

Let’s get to the first ever UK Uncensored Brexit Watch…

Have you seen this headline from The Independent?

“France’s EU minister names her cat ‘Brexit’ because ‘he meows loudly to be let out but won’t go through the door’”

Even if you’re trapped in a cage…

When your frenemies have laid a trap door outside you’re wise not to run out without a plan.

The French don’t have a proud history of defiant defence…

Unless you count revolution.

They’ll turn on each other before they face the world.

In the wise words of Nestlé…

‘Have a break, have a KitKat”

Whatever you think about Brexit, it’s in the British heart to find a way to come together.

We disagree but we don’t hate each other.

We fight but not against each other.

It looks like Brexit will be delayed.

And that’s okay.

We’re standing up and holding our ground to find an agreeable solution for everyone.

That shows strength.

We just need to keep our backs straight.

It’s a test of our nerve.

David Stevenson shared a great point recently, “I believe it’ll pay to keep your cash in sterling so that you can take advantage of the next stock market sell-off – regardless of what causes it.”

We just need to hold out.

Don’t panic.

Did you catch Sean Keyes on Wednesday? If you missed it, he wrote to UK Uncensored subscribers on How Brexit Ends. He describes the three types of Brexit, each with its pros and cons.

Which do you prefer?

  1. Soft Brexit
  2. May’s Deal
  3. No Deal
  4. No Brexit

Click to vote and we’ll reveal the results in next week’s Brexit Watch.

I’m a big fan of Sean Keyes.

He said “A democracy needs legitimacy to function. And the whole point of its functioning is to deliver concrete benefits, like peace and a healthy economy.”

Isn’t that what we all want?

A peaceful, healthy economy.

We’ll avoid taking a political stance.

But it’s our job to take an economic one.

If you have any Brexit related questions, email us [email protected] and I’ll do my best to make sure the editors give their best answers.

So keep an eye out for next week’s Brexit Watch.

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