Podcast: Beyond Oil 3 and everything to know about LATAM Bitcoin

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In today’s issue…

  • What are you working on, Kit?
  • Is it too late to invest?
  • What’s the real motive behind El Salvador’s bitcoin adoption?

Hold on tight, because today’s podcast is one of the most important of the year so far.

First off, Kit has been working away at something huge.

Along with James Allen they’ve brought together one of the biggest all-star rosters of experts from the green energy sector we’ve ever seen.

Importantly, in what they’re calling “Beyond Oil 3”, they’ve unlocked these interviews with these experts completely free of charge to you.

They look at the current state of the green energy sector and the key areas which investors need to be looking at to ride this massive, global change taking place right now.

It is almost compulsory content for everyone to listen to. And as we say, it’s completely, 100% free of charge.

You just need to register here to watch it when it all goes live next week.

We also dive into a couple of key questions such as, is it too late for investors now to benefit from investing in the green energy sector? And, compared to this time last year, what’s different and is this a reset of energy markets or perhaps the final release of the pinball letting everyone play the game?

Following on from this, we look at why oil-reliant countries like Venezuela and Brazil may be following the pathway El Salvador is forging.

Accepting bitcoin as legal tender is one thing, how it interacts with oil-based countries like Brazil and Venezuela is another. Also, is this really about opportunity for these countries or is it deeper than that, perhaps a big old middle finger to the US of A?

We dive into these questions and more in the latest episode of the Exponential Investor podcast which you can access below.


Sam Volkering and Kit Winder
Exponential Investor

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