Most investors spin their wheels. They can do better

Here’s how your investing could earn you a mansion rather than a dungeon.

Early on in my speech to Penny Share Letter subscribers, I flashed two different houses up on the projector.

This is the first one, from North London. It’s worth around £280k.


The second house is from further out in North London. It’s worth around £1.2m.


The point of the houses was to illustrate the huge difference between an ordinary investor’s actual performance and what they should be making.

According to several studies, the average investor badly underperforms compared to the market. If they put away a reasonable amount of money every year (say £10k), they should end up with the big house. But because they’re not informed, they get the £280k dungeon instead.

My talk was about getting from the dungeon to the mansion. It was about the four things investors need to know to live up to their potential. And it was about the amount of money an ordinary investor can reasonably expect to make, without any particular talent for investing.

The event was just for Penny Share Letter subscribers. But now, the video is ready to go, and you can check it out for yourself.

Click here to see my talk on the four things you need to know to reach your investing potential.


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