How to make steady cash payments from a Brexit loophole

Sick of Brexit?

Sick of Brexit?

I wouldn’t blame you. It’s a dumpster fire… raging non-stop for the last two years, with no end in sight.

But even if you’re sick of Brexit, you should read what I have to say today. I promise, it’s not the Brexit story you’ve read in the papers.

Today I want to talk about an opportunity which has been created by the Brexit mess.

Out of the mess, an opportunity

Getting Brexit sorted is just a ridiculously big and complicated job.

Where do you even start? Almost every part of life in the UK is effected by some EU rule, subsidy, or treaty.

Now the government is expected to go back to first principles and decide on everything, from scratch. Everything is up for debate.

Getting the twenty one politicians in the Cabinet to agree on a plan is almost impossible, as Therese May is discovering. But agreeing on a plan is just the start of it.

Then you have the EU side of the table. They have their own agenda. The EU negotiators don’t want this process to go smoothly for the UK. The EU wants Brexit to serve as a warning to other EU members: leave at your peril.

And it doesn’t stop there. Once the British government decides what it wants… and negotiates a deal with the EU side… then it has to send the deal around to 26 other EU parliaments for sign-off.

My point is this: Brexit is rewriting decades of laws and treaties in a short space of time. That’s creating big gaps and loopholes. And one of the loopholes has created a big opportunity for UK citizens.

“Opt in” for cash payments

A colleague of mine, Duncan Moreland, is the one who showed me this. Duncan’s like myself, a researcher at Agora Financial UK. His beat is a bit different to mine though — he’s more interested in helping people build up an income than to grow their wealth.

Duncan’s going to be in touch tomorrow with the full details of how you can cash in on this loophole. But I can tell you now that it’s handing billions of pounds’ in regular cash payments to UK citizens who choose to “opt-in”.

The cash arrives four times per year. And there’s plenty of it — more than £90bn has been distributed already in 2017.

So if you want to “opt-in”, and start cashing in on this Brexit loophole, keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow morning.

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