Nickolai Hubble is the editor of Southbank Investment Daily and chief strategist of The Fleet Street Letter Monthly Alert, which are published by Southbank Investment Research. He’s also the editor of Jim Rickards Strategic Investment in Australia and a contributing editor of The Daily Reckoning Australia.

After finishing his degrees in finance and law at Bond University in Australia in 2009, working for an investment bank didn’t seem so enticing any more. An internship with his scholarship provider Goldman Sachs during the height of the financial crisis was quite enough of that.

Instead, Nickolai went to work for independent publishers that allow their analysts to predict the financial crises that investment bankers cause.

In 2012 Nick exposed the sub-prime practices of Australian banks to his readers at The Money for Life Letter. His accusations that bankers and mortgage brokers routinely manipulate their customers’ loan applications were vindicated by a Royal Commission in 2018.

In 2018 Nick predicted Italy’s budget battles would lead to “Bloody October” and successfully warned his subscribers about the worst period in financial markets since 2008. In August he compiled his predictions into a book called How the Euro Dies.

Nick doesn’t just investigate financial markets and predict crises and opportunities. He’s also a flying trapeze, juggling and chin balancing performer and instructor. He’s lived in England, Ireland, Scotland, Austria, Germany, Australia, Thailand and Japan, stubbornly refusing to identify with any nationality.

Nick is the only person to have spun a plate on a stick while playing the bagpipes while swinging on a flying trapeze bar eight metres up in the air.


When he trained to become a financial adviser, Boaz Shoshan earned a black mark against his name for asking too many questions. Having become disillusioned with the financial services industry, he joined Southbank Investment Research in 2017. The questions haven’t stopped.

Having ventured down many financial rabbit holes, Boaz now writes for Capital & Conflict and is the managing editor of The Fleet Street Letter Monthly Alert. From gold to violins, bitcoin to cigars, and whisky to wine, Boaz’s investing interests are often to be found outside the financial system – despite being a qualified financial adviser.


Kit Winder graduated from Warwick University in 2017 with a first class degree in history

After taking the Investment Advice Diploma qualification, he started his career at Southbank Investment Research on the Energy and Editorial teams. His investment interests span from value investing to clean tech growth companies, with a focus on equity research. His work on the second round of the solar boom in emerging markets was particularly valuable to readers of Exponential Energy Fortunes.

He has lived in Germany, Austria, Italy and Japan, speaks French, German and some restaurant Italian and in his spare time he is a part time ski instructor and captains a cricket club in the summer.